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Day 6 Most Inspirational was a tie between Christian Novelli and Bertie Gilbert. They are a huge inspiration in their own ways.

Christian is inspirational because of just who he is. He’s always trying to help his subs and treats them a lot like a friend. He’s very caring and isn’t afraid to say that he’s gone through a lot of hard times like other people. He tries to help people see there’s a positive side to things and that things will get better even if they are really bad at the moment. I believe he’s helped so many people. He’s helped me a lot if it’s getting through a rough patch or just making me smile. <3

Bertie is a huge inspiration! He’s only 16 years old and already making amazing short films. He shows everyone that you’re never too young to do the things you want to do and that your age or anything shouldn’t hold you back from reaching your dreams. In one video he talks about being a little afraid by his subs and what they will think but he didn’t let that stop him and it shows me that I shouldn’t let others hold me back but I should also be mindful of their opinions but not let them rule my life.

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